"This book is a down-to-earth source of help for anyone who has contemplated, attempted or lost someone to suicide.  It exposes many of the myths surrounding suicide and offers hope to those caught in the traps and lies of our culture of death.  Put this on the top of your 'must buy' list, and be prepared to invest in more copies to share with friends and family members."


It is REAL, simple and informative.
"It is REAL,simple and informative. It gives you insight into a very dark subject that has been kept silent for way to long. It helps the survivors to get a much needed understanding of this tragedy and after they read it maybe they can take a big breath of fresh air. It also speaks to the person who is contemplating to do this....to JUST HOLD ON. Thank you Big D for writing this book."

"Spectacular resource for anyone, whether in depression, having suicidal thoughts, friends and family who have been through or are going through the process of a loved one in this state of mind, or those who just want to know what signs to look for in others who are dealing with this issue. This is written not by "professionals," but by those who have dealt with and are dealing with the issue of suicide. Covers many areas you don't typically thinks about. Please read this book, it WILL change your life, or at least give you something to think about."


"Thanks so much Big D, received your package today! Thank you for all the gifts! Thank you again for your ministry and this awesome resource! Will be praying over these books, that those who take them get life! Blessings to you."


Hi BIG D..read your book last Sunday after church. Loved it!! Couldn't put it down. Helped me so much. I have several close relatives & friends who have committed suicide causing me years of guilt, pain, and depression. Your book gave me comfort, hope and  peace. God is truly using you in a mighty way through your music, singing and writing. You inspire me!!
God Bless,
B. Baade


“…I am impressed at the fact that your writing keeps a very hard subject very simple. People that are contemplating suicide need things short and simple, as do people that are trying to help someone who is in that state. Your writing approach is very much who you are and would be, if you were talking to someone face to face. So far I feel that this book is very much from God, and I am so glad to see you addressing such a sensitive and emotional subject. I am very much trying to not read this in my usual style (very fast), and making myself read it in intervals, and then putting it down, so I can think and pray through what you have written. Without hope, we have no reason to hold on, and I feel that your book is digging to the root of the matter of suicide.”


"I came home with your book and figured I'd just read a few chapters and then get on with some business. Haha, "famous last words!"  I sat down and read the whole book stopping practically only to make a quick sandwich supper! A lot of good insights and surprising info (re: the elderly) too. Thank you for sharing!"


Best Book I Have Read All Year 

"The book, Just Hold On, is a book that honestly everyone can relate to- not just those who are contemplating suicide. One thing that is true about life is that there are inevitable seasons that we all walk through that are just plain hard. This book gives great advice on how to get through those seasons. It gives hope and strategies for getting through the hard seasons. There is even a section that gives concrete, literal examples on how to relieve feelings of depression while waiting for the hard season to pass- examples like, 'roast a marshmallow, take a bubble bath, call someone...' This section was one of my favorite sections.

Although I was never suicidal, I did just walk through one of the hardest seasons of my entire life. I finished this book in just one sitting because it was simply a great book. I felt blessed the entire time that I was reading, and still feel blessed well afterwards.

Denise Haas relates extremely well to the audience of this book. She writes in a straight-forward and bold, yet gentle and understanding way. She is very talented and I feel this book is going to reach and impact millions. This is a great book to have on hand at all times to be able to give out to people that you meet along the path of life. This book is going to save many people's lives.

I strongly suggest that one invests in not only one copy of this book, but in many copies to distribute wherever you please. If you are looking to make the world a better place - leaving a copy of this book in random public places is a great start!"


Just Hold On
"As I read along I connected, and was engaged with what the author is saying. I felt this book is an easy read, gave excellent counsel and would be good for ages- teens and into twenties. We need more books exposing this darkness in areas of depression and suicide. The more light we bring to it, the better chance we have at helping someone heal and maybe saving a life."


Must read
"This book is inspiring. Set up to be easy to follow and quick to the point. Please do yourself a favor and give this book to someone who's world is black, you just might save a life."


for putting it so beautifully and clearly

"I found this book to be incredibly helpful in understanding the feelings and thought processes of someone who has despaired even of life . I never was able to understand why someone would be so utterly hopeless that they could not even bring themselves to face just one more day. I think the author has been able to dig down deep into the thoughts of such persons and put into words, not only the depths of that hopelessness, but also to bring the encouragement of God's word that there is hope even in the deepest, darkest despair. If that hurting soul can just hold on one more hour or one more day, or even one more minute, that's all it takes to cry out to the Lord and He will hear and He will help. For someone who has never felt that depth of despair, this book was a real eye-opener. Thank you Denise, for putting it so beautifully and clearly."

Big D & the Good News Blues website

"I was introduced to your book, "just hold on" by a close friend. I am currently reading the book and am loving it! I look forward to meeting you.
In 2006, we had a car accident. A couple died, I almost did and my husband was injured. The family of the deceased forgave my husband, and I have too. I will gladly share my story with you as I hope it can save even one life from drinking and driving. You will hear more from me!"



"Five days after getting your book at your concert, my friend's daughter lost her boyfriend to suicide. I gave them your book to read. They have read it and were immensely blessed by it. They found hope and healing in your words and the stories you shared. They were especially encouraged by the scriptures that you shared and I believe it has opened a door for them to consider Jesus."


"Thank you for sharing 'Just Hold On' with me...one whose path was interrupted, not ended by a suicide attempt. There is a powerful authenticity to your book. I prophesy God will touch many lives through your words and heart. CONGRATULATIONS! And much love...K"

Kay Harper, Author of "Stumbling Into Grace"

buy it on amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Stumbling-Into-Grace-Kay-Harper/dp/1619042401


"Your book is brilliant. Seriously. My endorsement for Just Hold On would read, 'Not since the Bible have I read something so truthful and refreshing.'"

Christine Soderlund,

Nurse, future author and comedian (and incidentally, MY favorite writer)



"Who is this book good for? It’s good for someone who is thinking about or ever thinks about taking their own life. It’s good for anyone who knows someone who is thinking about suicide and doesn’t know what to say to comfort them. This book is for anyone who has lost someone close to them to suicide or just lost someone close to them from any cause. This book is good for anyone who just needs some encouragement to make it through one more dark day. This book is for anyone who needs to find a reason to Just Hold On.

Just Hold On is a nice short read. It offers a very realistic Godly perspective on how to deal with some pretty heavy issues, suicidal thoughts, grief, depression, and helplessness. But it’s written in a comfortable conversational style by someone who has been there and who knows others who have been there as well and knows that with God’s help you can make it through this valley.

I’m planning on buying a few more copies to give to some friends who are dealing some of these very issues."

http://A great book for lots of people!



"One of the best resources I have ever come across for those with thoughts of suicide and those who are dealing with the loss of loved ones from suicide. If you know ANYONE struggling with life and are having these kinds of thoughts, please do them a favor and get them this book."


"Wonderful informational book for anyone who is depressed and is pondering suicide to read."


"As a mental health professional who often times feels woefully inadequate in dealing with the depth of despair those who are suicidal endure, I found this to be an honest and refreshing narrative from someone who has been there and emerged victorious. This book says the things I long to say to my patients but am not permitted to be direct about. In my frustration at having to hedge around the only true Answer to mental illness/addiction/suicidal ideations, I found this book to be a wonderful resource to point my patients to. I highly recommend it and can vouch firsthand for the credibility of the author. It was a privilege to read and recommend."


" The Best book out there for those who have considered suicide or family who have lost loved ones or those in the community who want to help. Simple and straightforward enough to hand to your buddies who have lost hope. I know the author and Denise has done a superb job assisting us. Let's save more lives together!" H. Winter


"Denise Haas' presentation at the Second Annual Upper Peninsula Suicide Prevention Conference was warmly received by over 60 community members on September 15, 2017. As part of a panel discussion, Denise shared insights on suicide prevention gained from her personal experience and from interviews she conducted with individuals impacted by suicide. Denise spread her message of resilience and hope, encouraging folks to 'just hold on.'"

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just hold on, please don't give up

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