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Xulon Press Manuscript Review

Title: Just Hold On

Subtitle: Finding Hope in the Face of Suicide           

Author: Denise Haas

General Overview

This advice guide is for those who are contemplating suicide, are grieving the loss of a loved one from suicide, or have general interest to learn about suicide so to help others. Besides stopping suicide before it happens, the goal is also to encourage a healthy awareness and love for God.

Manuscript’s Strengths

  • The author’s admittance that her knowledge of suicide is not scholastic but personal will be enough to warrant attention to her thoughts and advice to prevent suicide. The inclusion of others’ experiences with suicide helps to develop the guidance in the book to be truthful in thoughts of those contemplating suicide and ways to help them.

  • Separating the content into defined sections for advice pertaining to select groupings of people shows not only who will benefit from reading the book, but also assist readers in getting to the advice and answers to questions they have.

  • Although she states this is not a book pushing God on readers, the author builds a strong case in favor of God and knowing that He has great plans ahead for someone who chooses against committing suicide. The advice is various in help options; yet each piece offered directs readers back to believing God has purpose for every person.

The book, Just Hold On, is a book that honestly everyone can relate to- not just those who are contemplating suicide. One thing that is true about life is that there are inevitable seasons that we all walk through that are just plain hard.

This book gives great advice on how to get through those seasons. It gives hope and strategies for getting through the hard seasons. There is even a section that gives concrete, literal examples on how to relieve feelings of depression while waiting for the hard season to pass- examples like, "...roast a marshmallow, take a bubble bath, call someone...." This section was one of my favorite sections.

Although I was never suicidal, I did just walk through one of the hardest seasons of my entire life. I finished this book in just one sitting because it was simply a great book. I felt blessed the entire time that I was reading, and still feel blessed well afterwards.

Denise Haas relates extremely well to the audience of this book. She writes in a straight-forward and bold, yet gentle and understanding way. She is very talented and I feel this book is going to reach and impact millions. This is a great book to have on hand at all times to be able to give out to people that you meet along the path of life. This book is going to save many people's lives.

I strongly suggest that one invests in not only one copy of this book, but in many copies to distribute wherever you please. If you are looking to make the world a better place - leaving a copy of this book in random public places is a great start.

Erin Moore, Author of "Everyday Miracles"

Interview from Writer's Workshop Bradenton, FL

Denise Haas radio interview January 21, 2017 Writer's Workshop

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