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The Only One Who Can

Let’s be honest. There are "fixers" among us who cannot tolerate when things are broken or out of line, especially when it comes to relationships. A wayward child, a broken marriage, a distant friendship-all of these can lure the fixer to spring into action. Leaning on our own understanding can lead us to a misery that can end up being worse than the original problem.

"The only thing we need to fix... is our eyes on Jesus." dh

Believing IS Seeing

When I heard this verse in John 11:40 the other day, it inspired me: “Jesus said to her, ‘Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?’”

Not only was Jesus referring to raising Lazarus from the dead, but I’m starting to think that we could apply this truth to all of our trials. What if every trial was a way to open our eyes of faith a little bit wider so that we could see the glory of God a little more clearly? What if we didn’t just read those words in the Bible? What if we applied this truth to every one of our trials now and in the future? Would that perspective change the way we live in this world today? Would it make our witness of Jesus more powerful? Think about it. We would no longer dread tribulations, or complain about our troubles, but we would welcome them and count them all joy because we would be looking for the glory of God in the midst of them.

It occurred to me that FAITH is the key that unlocks this ability to SEE the glory of God.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

Have we forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten Whose we are? Many Christians have amnesia when it comes to our authority and identity in Christ. It's a real shame because other people suffer when we forget the powerful truth that we are not victims-we are Christians!

just hold on (a poem)

Just Hold On—A Poem

Just hold on for one more second, just one more minute, just one more hour.

Just hold on for one more sunrise, one more time to open your eyes toblue skies and hope and love and the warmth of the sun.

If you just hold on, you’ll have the strength and the power to rise above this sorrow,
to come up for air and wake up tomorrow to find that because you held on your future is
intact. In fact, you were always meant to make it through, you know?

Your courage is found in living, not dying. In helping, not hurting. In life and not death.
Your courage is found in taking a breath and holding on for just one more second, just one more minute, just one more hour.

Just hold on for one more sunrise, one more time to open your eyes to blue skies
and hope and love and the warmth of the sun. Just let your lungs keep breathing...and please,

just hold on.” dh

You're My Favorite

You're My Favorite:

"If we are truly in Christ, we won’t judge the value of a person based upon their financial status, gender, age, or race. We will not show favoritism, but we will treat each person with equal value. When we do otherwise we will breed anger and jealousy." dh

Follow the Leader

"I remember as a child we would play the game, Follow the Leader. If you were lucky enough to be the leader then you would have the power to control all of the actions of those behind you. Much like Simon Says, if they didn’t follow the leader then they were out of the game. That’s fine for a childhood game, but there seems to be an obsession with leadership in Christian circles these days. From sermons to books to whole ministries dedicated to the subject, it’s like it’s the most important thing in Christendom." dh

Listen To Your Elders!

"I so appreciate those who are over and older than me in the faith. I have always looked at myself and have seen how I am so lacking in the fruits of the Spirit, but lately, I’ve seen the fruits of love and patience in those older saints of God. I have to say, being on the receiving end of some of those fruits (of the Spirit) is just downright refreshing." dh

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